Cross The Bridge Before It COLLAPSES! (Human Fall Flat)

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Me and the boys on an epic adventure!
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  • crainer you are the best fighter

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  • I live in Australia

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  • Crainer : why you holding on to me jelly!! 1 second later... Crainer : i'm not your MOM!!

    Tata QonitaTata QonitaPrieš mėn
  • You need the chair to get the hammer 🔨 and get the lock off the front door

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  • Hi Cramer play with sunder

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  • I only which you because your the crazy guy and you always have the most fun

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  • Do they seem like the three scrooges or is it just me

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  • Crainer 1o1 “what are u humping my hand jelly”😂

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  • You are a noob

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  • Crainer please do more GTA 5 vids plssss

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  • Hi crainer you the best better than Jelly And Josh

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  • 17:29 was sooo cute

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  • 16:19 why did it take 2000 years to put some thing up a ramp and jelly was over reacting

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  • I don't like staircases either coz the always up to something

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  • Crainer teaching josh how to do it 9:32 if yah know what I mean

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  • Crainer You ARE noob at human fall flat

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  • 6:50 made me laugh jelly and crainer

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  • 4:25 lollllllllllll so funny

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  • Take ur own hanger cainer cuz wit 2 players on it it's slow but with one player its fast

    King MottonKing MottonPrieš mėn
  • I like how you pull jelly but

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  • Crainer tel josh he is a jerk

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  • Finally a long video

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  • Please can you play more of this game please

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  • I watched all of your videos there so funny

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  • Cow town

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  • hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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  • now just was going whatch it the of ad game humen fall flat

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  • coco meal A jelly special

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  • Hey

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  • Can you guys have an Q and A so we can Get to Know you better??

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  • play AZ tech

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  • Hello Mr. Crainer, I am from youtube community and we appreciate your hard work to improve youtube and your channel 👍

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  • 5:20 Indian Villagers everytime when they say a word with "V" No offense I am a indian too

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  • Omg I missed this so much

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  • I do not like you you need to troll josh in human flat

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  • 3:05 WHY ARE YOU HUMPING MY HAND JELLY?! - Crainer 2020 😂

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  • Finally human fall flat that's the only thing that we want +1 if you agree

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  • crainer jelly josh that's oldest to youngest jelly crainer josh that's who they blame the most

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  • Plz play more human falls flat hide and seek

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  • can you do a house tour plus

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  • 13 min 11 sec. mining for diamonds

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  • I am gonna name him coco tree

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  • 18:06 no one has died Also crainer dies 1 second later xd

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    • 😂

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  • There was literally a hammer for them to use the chair and get it

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  • jelly makes a really good big bro

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  • or search this "Slogo sing Believer" ;D i love your channel :D

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  • hey crianer there is a channel called "LTworldsr sing" search on youtube this "Crianer sing Bielever" search it its super cool :D

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  • Hi Crainer I need to ask you a question are you a big fan of Sonic or Mario because I am a big fan of Sonic you should play Sonic. EXE to

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  • Crainer there's a new level in human fall flat and it's called factory

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  • GG

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  • 2:56 so clean !!

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  • Why do you keep humping my hand jelly!!!

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  • Let’s gooooo some more flat fall human!! Let’s gOooooooooooOoOoOoOoOOOoOooOooO0

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