HOLD ON To The PLANE Or DIE! (Human Fall Flat)

4 Lap 2020
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They never want me to fly the plane... 😭
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  • Hi

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  • You guy's are the best

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  • 5:05 libuw or lift up

    Phantom's McplayerPhantom's McplayerPrieš 7 dienų
  • i like it when the three play this game

    Jude Patrick TiponJude Patrick TiponPrieš 12 dienų
  • this is how many times they said predicament 👇🏾

    Jhel FrancoJhel FrancoPrieš 15 dienų
  • I miss when crainer played slime rancher

    zezar gonzalezzezar gonzalezPrieš 16 dienų
    • Who miss when he played slime rancher

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  • I love this channel

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  • Finally

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  • I thanos

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  • Crainer has 666 subs

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  • Lol Josh said thank you my peasant

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  • More reliable delivery please!!!!

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  • 0:02 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

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  • Why jelly all ways laughing

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  • Slogo fan here jelly smells

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  • Yea baby I am so happy u maked a new video

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  • I have corona I’m just kiddingHe he he he

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  • Crainer:AHHH AHHH IT WENT INTO THE WRONG HOLE Me:hahaha that's what she said

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  • Hahaha

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  • Make more of these videos

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  • It’s fun

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  • John. Is. Rite jelly. Ma.d a New. Server in cowtown

    Harley -jayHarley -jayPrieš 19 dienų
  • i played among us with u my name was baby girl

    Kristy DuncanKristy DuncanPrieš 19 dienų
  • Am very funny when you say am pull your head of jelly

    ml mj#13ml mj#13Prieš 19 dienų
  • i laugth so hard when crainer's head is stuck in the bar's

  • Sup

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  • Sup

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  • Imagine doing that to get to your house every day

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  • Heyy guys my bd is today can you guys pls wish me a happy birthday and a sweet 17!!? 😃❤️🥰

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  • 4:18 is so funny from Jelly! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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  • Crainer cheers everyone up. :)

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  • Heyooo

    ItZ AlicornItZ AlicornPrieš 20 dienų

    marcel guymarcel guyPrieš 20 dienų
  • It was funny when Crainer is like I PUT IN THE WRONG HOLE. Neither hole is the wrong hole my good sir.

    Space_Creature21Space_Creature21Prieš 20 dienų
  • which map is this can anybody give me the link'

    Hrittik ChowdhuryHrittik ChowdhuryPrieš 20 dienų
  • I love this game sooooooo much

    Lycanroc XLycanroc XPrieš 20 dienų
  • first

    aadhi devaadhi devPrieš 20 dienų
  • Crainer never work hard Whenever someone gets a cheque point he jumps off

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  • Play phasmaphobia

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  • does crainer's room low light? or maybe i only miss his old color

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  • More plz

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  • Me too

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  • oof

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  • go with slogoman and jelly and kwebbelkop

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  • Please maybe just once

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  • Crainer

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  • Please

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  • Again

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  • Im 9 years old

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  • Hi im new

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  • Awesome video, just a bit too much is edited out

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  • Im from denmark

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  • He didn't finish a checkpoint

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  • Hellooooooooo

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  • Drainer has to abuse jelly in every intro hahahahahahahahaha

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  • I have this game

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  • Play more cowtown

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  • rob the bank in mincraft gta

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  • Yeah

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  • Crainer: you just swing from aahaahaah lol🤣🤣🤣

    Hamdan AbdullaHamdan AbdullaPrieš 20 dienų
  • Hi Crainer can you send link of HUMAN FALL FLAT I also want to play with my friends. Thank you.

    Atharv JaiswalAtharv JaiswalPrieš 20 dienų
  • Hey crainer jelly has made a new server try to troll him whith josh plz

    Royal GamersRoyal GamersPrieš 20 dienų
  • Plz I want trolling video in cow 🐄 Town

  • He skipped the half level

    ultra gamerultra gamerPrieš 20 dienų
  • Caw tawn

    Nana SalimNana SalimPrieš 20 dienų
  • I hope crainer be have 10 million subs he deserved it :')

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  • 6:50 we figured it out josh we don't need you you just have t swiAAaAAaaAaA

    NNinjaNNNinjaNPrieš 20 dienų
  • If You're watching the video I just want to say jelly left cowtown

    george josephgeorge josephPrieš 20 dienų
  • crainer jelly do asurvival surver and band you and slogoman

    Ivaylo YovchevIvaylo YovchevPrieš 20 dienų
  • hey Crainer, Jelly have make a now world that he bannad you and slogoman

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    • I now ahhah

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  • And everybody subscribe to Crainer

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  • And I forgot to tell you my age I'm 11 right now

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  • Crainer I love your videos so much I wish I could see in real life someday

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  • crainer: do you want the pick axe jelly jelly: NOPE

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    Gamer or memeZ emmiGamer or memeZ emmiPrieš 20 dienų
  • Crainer jelly made a new survival series but he blocked you both josh so you cannot acces it i think you should hack it to troll him

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  • I like crainer more than jelly and Slogo lol I watch crainer I don’t even watch jelly or Slogo lol

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  • Wow

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  • nico

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  • Crainer please do fortnite emote wheel challange with neco

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  • Wait wait wait I have idea how about we sing crai er sock

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  • Omy god jelly jas full

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  • I love these game

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  • Hey Crainer look at the LTworlds he is making he's awn server now

    John Russel AlamedaJohn Russel AlamedaPrieš 20 dienų
    • LMAO he said “awn”

      CamFN YTCamFN YTPrieš 15 dienų
    • Josh has already hacked into it XD

      Laurence HartnellLaurence HartnellPrieš 17 dienų
  • Why did crainer said oww jelly why would you land on me but jelly did not land on him It like 2 meters hehhehe

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  • First -n-

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  • Hahaahahaha so funny

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  • 3:47 O-o

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  • please continue this is choclate again (from crainer family)

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  • Cool

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  • Can u guys get crainer and Sligo to 1 mil plz jelly already has almost 20 mil

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  • Yes more human fall flat

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  • Nice car😁😁😁

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  • Josh is the saltiest out of all of them

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  • Jelly has a new world

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  • Why did u skip like the whole video?????

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  • Anyone else been early for over 50 times?

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  • Has any one else got the LTworlds update

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  • HOLD ON To The FLYING BUS To WIN!🤣🤣(Human Fall Flat)

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