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  • me: are you god? crainer: yes im god.

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  • Do u know that jelly loves planting mountains

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  • Who all remember Dirt=life

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  • Hi Idol, Fan from the Philippines Laguna always watching your Trio with Mr. Jelly and Mr. Josh Love it

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  • I want you to place Jesus

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  • You were in heavn bro. Try to find Jesus/

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  • Can u play with sudee

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  • 4:19 crainer we also build a bridge across the woter

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  • Can you be a demigorgan in next plz

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  • Withers cant suffocate

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  • Crainer: wait to the end to see! Me: I can just literally fast forward it

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  • Hey jelly why don't you suffocate cuz pigs they give me bacon

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  • please play freefire

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  • DREAM AND SLOGO AND CRAINER AND tiny tinyyyy jelly is goddess

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  • I must see hacks

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  • When you said hit that like button it reminded me when you said "Hit that like button for an ipic 360 of the cliff againts runictitan

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  • Play godzilla mod in miyncraft

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  • what happened to cow town?

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  • Crainer u didn’t become a god You are a god

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  • Did u noticed that the stone struck ture is a um nice symbol for the hand watch carefully 5:26

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  • Crainer Pls do a demon

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  • Heaven is not in the clouds okay and jesus is not god the only god is allah

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  • Is mr beast is the son of crainer?

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  • Mor over powor

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  • Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

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  • Me: sees flying temple Also me: Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

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  • i dont really feel good watching this video cuz im muslim and only muslims know why

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  • 2:58 they will have the best air ever up there

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  • "What gender are you?" Like: *Microwave* Reply: *Boy or Girl* (Good luck everyone who sees this).

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    • I am a game cus every one be playing me

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    • I love the last won

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  • Nobody: Idiots: If Covid is 19 then it can't legally touch me.

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    • A++ is me you are f++++++++

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  • Fun fact : you are not watching the video at full screen.

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  • And jelly and slogo got stuck and you did not.

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  • You and slogo and jelly made a video of this to.

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  • Jelly said sand me i dont like sand

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  • I can whistle like you Crainer

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  • Jelly is so did

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  • Do you believe God and susus ?

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  • play as the hell man that brings peps to hell

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  • Pray after waching

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  • Josh sayying oh there aii theres aii

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  • Play as the ender dragon

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  • the moral of this video is don't let crainer, josh, and jelly become gods

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  • Where do you get your mod from

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  • Not you

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  • Dream is god

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  • Video *starts* Jelly: ahhhhhhhhhh

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  • Crainer can you and me and jelly and slogoman play among us

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  • Why do you not play withe sunndy

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  • The sniff at the end of the edit at 3:15 had me😂

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  • i love your videos

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  • The next thing they play as:Universe

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  • Suvivl sires

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  • CRAINER: leave a like if u wanna see something more powrful ME: wait thats ellegal again

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  • crainer: i played mincraft but as a GOD me: WAIT THATS ILLGAL

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  • Love your videos mate

  • Ik Mik onnedi Salt Lake City

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  • More commits than jelly

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  • Oh boi u make me happy

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  • jellys mour cool

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  • Y'all should play as Thanos that sound fun

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  • ok sooo.. When crainer said "i am god" it reminded me of v of bts. If u know what i am saying Only army will understand

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