Minecraft BUT They TURNED Us Into SLIMES!

27 Spa 2020
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Slime is kinda fun.. But also gross 🤢
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  • Crainer I want you to tell jelly and Josh next video they both just lost the subscriber

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  • Anyone notice that jelly IS a slime

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  • nice t rex guy i like the picture of the t rex

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  • I like youre slime

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  • hahahahahahahahahaha jelly said slogo head pew pew

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  • yo homie you spoiled everything in the intro XD

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  • Crainer you only feed the slime

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  • Crainer should make a series on identity v

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  • Crainer should make a series on identity v tarot gamemode

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  • hey crainer can you make a video of among us invert map if you need that. first change your device date to 1 April 2021 because the map is April foolmap only skeld next step is create a room skeld map and start the map the map will be invert

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  • Crainer is super funny

  • Hey CRAINER what about Dundee what happend

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  • start playing Jurassic world evolution with jelly and Josh they used to play it without you

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  • Can u plzz use that to beat the game plzzz

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  • Crainer! you always spit on everything!

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  • request game:phasmophobia I wish you can play horror games

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  • Crainer you should play more decenders with slogo and jelly it has had a big update and it’s amazing

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  • 6:16 josh says crikey

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